Éclat Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C., a St. Louis, Missouri-based specialty pharmaceutical company, is focused on the development, approval and commercialization of niche brands and generic products. Éclat’s mission is simple: Improve today’s medicine for better patient outcomes tomorrow.

Éclat is of French origin and typically is used to describe success. True to its name, Éclat Pharmaceuticals was established to successfully develop creative and cost-effective ways to deliver pharmaceutical therapy to patients. Whether improving the convenience of drug delivery or improving upon difficult side effect profiles, our approach is to find solutions to problems with existing therapies.

Éclat has singled out several promising product opportunities and initiated the development of a number of them. The company has identified expertise in the regulatory process, the development process and the manufacturing and distribution arenas that it can leverage to bring products to the market. Éclat intends to utilize its own sales and marketing expertise to introduce products into the market.


In March 2012, Flamel Technologies SA acquired Éclat Pharmaceuticals. This acquisition creates a more vertically integrated company, benefiting from greater development and commercial expertise, best in class drug delivery platforms and more near-term and mid-term potential value creating catalysts.  Please click on the link to visit Flamel Technologies SA.